Friday, July 13, 2007

Just one more blog tonight

I am looking for Dyson users , I don't know how many people see my blog on a daily basis but I thought it might be a good sounding ground, my two year old vacuum died a couple of days ago , grey smoke , toxic smells, its been a little off for the last 8 months so I was not surprised, now it was no investment my vacuum but since this will be my 5th vacuum purchase I thought I might need to spend a little more and buy a lot less frequently, so I was wondering if anyone has a Dyson? they sound super, I need something super.

I am curious to hear ,eh,maybe nothing.

You can trust when I say I am not very often flabbergasted, I am so flabbergasted right now, I can't even imagine what I see is really true, in fact I feel "DIRTY" , after seeing a TSC demonstration on the Dyson I went to Sears to take a look, and purchased the mid priced model,
brought it home , easily put it together and decided to start where my other vacuum burst into a ball of smoke the kitchen carpet which is my prized possession, and there we tried it , to my shock and horror it was way too full of filth , gobs and gobs of filth grit and dust bunnies. I vacuum that carpet and use a sticky roller on it , oh i don't want to look at what comes out of my upstairs bedrooms,I will keep that to myself.

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