Friday, July 13, 2007

24 hours and voila a new light

This little chandelier has been in desperate need of a make over for oh about 4 years now, it was a hand me down from my old home, the shades were new, but he paint job which i did was pittiful, so last night it came down and exactly 24 hours later i was straining my neck to get it back up there,from white to "perfect pink" that is the name of the colour, Sophie just switched her favorite color from orange to pink, good thing her room is half and half, so pink chandelier it is, complete with my signature scrunchie I don't like the look of chains, so each one gets an appropriate scrunchie, this is number 5.

This is the view from the porch this evening , so beautiful tonight , sitting with my dog soaking up the sun watching the kids ride up and down the street on their wheels, bliss.

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