Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Oh , I feel a little bit sad that it is already July, it feels like the timer is ticking too quickly, I so love summer I want it to last forever.
I have been trying to remember to take my camera with me where ever I go , I usually forget. I saw a home decor store in our downtown section of town , I don't usually go down there it is not the nicest area, due to obvious poverty and drug users and homelessness, regardless I took the girls down to take a look it was a great store, I found this treasure of architecture this beautiful doorway , if only they made new buildings with such care.
I have the day off today , and extra day to myself, what a treat, my favourite way to spend free time in surely home shopping so off to Homesense, it was full of goodies today , some days its slim pickings , but not today , our family room pillows were looking drab and grungy , I just said yesterday we needed new ones, found them , all down filled with removeable covers all quilted, so beautiful , really freshened up the room, much more summer like.
Mason is now 9, she is getting so big, her grandmother bought her this lovely new outfit so pretty, our whole little family enjoys to dabble in the arts , over the weekend Mason came up with this lovely painting of a dog, now I must find somewhere to put it, that is the hard part.
My husbands cousin Jay and wife Sarah had a baby girl recently named Alyssa so I made a painting for her , I did one for her big brother Luke just over two years ago, I love to do things for children's rooms.
I have not been working on my house lately , the projects are slowing down, need to work on some finishing the trim work around the house , the not so fun kind of jobs, so I haven't had much to post about , kinda of dull, just relaxing with the family lately.

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