Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fun around the region for the holidays.

Since adding Moe to the family we are quite limited as to how long we can go out due to the frequent potty training efforts which is coming along quite well, therefore on my holidays we need to stay close to home , but I wanted to do some fun activities with the kids on my own.

Although we didn't go far we found some really great places really close to home. Yesterday we went to a very local water park , I had heard about it , that it was in the country , but 5 minutes drive through farm country brought us to a great resort, where , you can swim, golf, go on huge water slides, and play in the water park including a big tipping bucket that the children gathered under to get soaked, it was a perfect day for such fun, forgot my camera though.
Today we headed to the local bowling alley , bowling we did not, but rock climbing, go carting , super sliding, mini roller coaster,and drop zone type ride, it was so fun, a little stomach turning for mom at times but loads of fun, plenty of screams of delight today, who knew Mason was such a natural driver, she took those corners like a pro.Best thing was the place was practically empty, we and another family form the kids school who happened to be there were the lonely visitors today , what gives?? not a real problem huh! no line-ups at all.

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