Wednesday, July 11, 2007


This is the before and after , what a beauty, I plan to fill my little back yard with many hydrangea, not bad considering these are not in an ideal location.
The girls and I had a lovely dinner on Monday turns out it cream of mushroom soup day at my fave deli , so since I have missed it for 15 years now I need to make up for lost time, best thing though Sophie tried it and loves it as much as me, I am proud of Mace too she tried it but hated it, I give her kudos for trying , its not for everyone.
And for Linda who is suffering some miserable weather far far from our super hot summer days over here, we did get a doozie the other day , see my hail!, we actually had to save a pekenese who had escaped out into the storm , oh I will never forget his bad bad breath, yikes , he got home safely due to Mason's keen eye, I was convinced she was just seeing things.
Happy Summer

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