Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My favourite Home's

I grew up here in this city , I have always appreciated its grand and not so grand beautiful homes, I have decided to compile my own list of favourties,our city was built on the auto industry way back, GM to be exact, altough there is still one factory left ,our city is a booming suburb just a short drive from Toronto,it is now considered a bedroom town and not a factory town, a big draw for families to live the goodlife at a reasonable price. The average price for a three bedroom home is $220,000.However the house with the red steps that is for sale is listed at $369,000.00 location location right, these are all from the oldest part of town, these were junior executive homes. Current owners tend to lovingly restore and enhance these beauties which makes this one of the most desireable neighbourhoods to live in the city.
My personal favourite of this group is the barn style home, it was recently flipped and has a very grand entrance with hold on... a fireplace, not to mention the others throughout the home.

I hope you enjoy the parade of homes I will be bringing to you , installment #1

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