Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dreaming here...

I just finished saying I hate excess, but when it comes to the romantic notion of me living in this house all my selfless inklings go out the window, I love me a tudor house , I admit it is surely the favourite, hubbies is super victorian, so very different , but he loves tudor second, there is nothing about it that I don't love,the scale the mouldings the beams the leaded glass windows, the manly strong built look, this is a 1930's mansion, yes mansion, it is for sale right now for under $800000.00 which is a bargain.
I was taking a picture of it today with the girls and Mason said OMG mom its for sale , buy it... isn't that sweet, she knows its my favourite house, it had the most awful 1983 kitchen so I will show the kitchen that inspired my current kitchen , mine is not so gothic or cluttered but The Osbourne's knew how to do it right, which would fit right into my dream tudor house.
A girl can dream.

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