Friday, July 20, 2007

Puppy Love

What's in a face?, isn't he so cute, now if I could rewind to around 6:00pm yesterday,I would not have told the girls we could go and look at the pet store near where we had dinner, it usually is a harmless event , but how was I to know the perfect pup was waiting there, see we have talked a lot about getting a second dog,another boston terrier,Dolce is such a wonderful pet, loves us all so much loves to cuddle is gentle with the kids , mostly he sleeps all day , so this breed is a good match for our family.
The problem is that we are leaving for our trip on Tuesday night , what to do, ok , if he is still there on Tuesday they will hold him for us until our return but that it and its a gamble, the timing with exception of the trip is quite good, to train a pup in the summer is much more favourable than in November which is when we got Dolce, that was not fun, but it went a smooth as you could hope for.
What am I to do??This is such a tough decision!

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