Friday, July 20, 2007

Stripes ,stripes and more stripes........

Would you believe I found this chair at the curb side for garbage, ok it was brown with filthy cream cushion, but it has been toile and now seersucker striped .

This is not from my home but a beautiful shot.
The twim bed room isn't from my home either.

First let me say , I love stripes, I love wide stripes and and random stripes but not pin stripes,I like multi-coloured stripes,I have 8 or 9 different striped fabrics in my home, I especially love seersucker stripes that is my absolute fave, thick crisp seersucker, I have a striped vase,spools of ribbons, picture frames,a striped hammock, striped chairs and roman blinds and drapes & toy box as well as walls in 2 bedrooms and one bathroom horizontal of course, I would have more if is wasn't just weird to do so.

Now the most delightful find on a recent grocery trip was the striped roses I found.Joy

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