Sunday, July 22, 2007

Choosing paint colours.

This is my daughters bathroom, it is perfect for two small girls, why not go for it , its just paint.

Colour or color how ever you spell it from your neck of the woods, it is the most difficult choice for most , what color should the walls be the sofa, the wood floors the tile, it is a huge decision , you can choose subdued , or vibrant it really is a matter of taste, when the correct colour is chosen for a room it effects the mood, most often times the colour should come along in the process and is not the first decision, using something like fabric to choose is helpful as jumping off point, but no matter how much you love a colour when it is to be used on the walls , sampling is always worth the cost of the small tins of paint, you never know how a rooms light will effect a paint colour , it can actually change it , that is why you can love your friends walls but in your house the same shade can look awful so consider your exposure, for instance my daughter had a lovely shade called lilac by Martha Stewart ,but since her room only gets early morning light the room was dingy, we recently changed it to a vibrant yellow based green by CIL called Farm Life and the room is cheery and happy. In my living dining room I wanted a soft blue robin's egg blue, so tried and tried again it took three colours, the first too light the second too dingy dark the middle of the two just right. CIL Souvenier , which is not at all robin's egg blue which turns out would have been obnoxious, I have not tired of it in over 4 years, when you spend the time to get it right you can live with it for a little longer, although not too long , rooms should evolve and not become stagnant. There is nothing like colour to let you know if its right , you will know when it isn't,but it is not a costly change to make, it is so personal, don't fret for what your friend or neighbour likes, live in colour, enjoy, the choices.practice makes perfect?
This lovely green kitchen is from , where I would like to get my sopastone counters from at some point.

These interior shots are from Cottage Chic a great resource for inspiration for fellow colour lovers alike.

I recently discovered that CIL Dulux at Home Depot sells enormous paint chips, yes sells, you will have to put some money down but much less than the pints , so that is a fantastic turn of events .

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