Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Home design tips you can use.

This post is growing today , I just thought of a couple more great things i have used and or discovered as useful over the years, like scrunchie's not the hair ones, but cord covers, a little fabric goes a long way , I don't like chains on light fixture so I have adapted by creating these cord covers.

I made this kitchen island which is huge and wonderful, because I love islands and desperately needed extra storage, it holds loads of things, I picked up these premade doors in the Ikea as is department for a steal, added my own hardware , however I like the glass and its reflective quality but I did not want to see the mess, tried fabric curtains with tension rods, but there was not ample space for that , so I frosted the glass , which was ok ,but I wanted to block out the shadows too, so recently found tremclad in a beautiful blue, matched perfectly, and painted the back side and perfection, just another good tip I though.

I must admit I am at a loss as to what to post about, however , I do have a nice tip , for anyone who likes a bed with a shabby chic flavour, lots of layers , at Pottery Barn kids found a lovely bedskirt for my daughters bed on clearance, or so I thought ,because when I got it home it wouldn't work as she doesn't have a box spring , but it worked in my favour, because I simply layered it over the one I already had , because it was a double it gave the perfect layered effect, I love it , so that is my little tip.

As you will notice all of my fabrics are a variety, I do not do matchy matchy, the stripe then a smaller scale floral and larger scale floral, it doesn't need to be a set and to me it should never be a bed in a bag , that is so generic, and bland, not cataloque beds here, mix it up.Have some fun.

Right now I have crisp white sheets , but usually I have hot pink sheets that tie in the pink flowers from the bedskirt. Lots of fun.

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