Friday, July 13, 2007

I'm it...

Thank you Linda for dragging me into the game,

I don't know the total commitment as to what it entails so I will follow your lead.
I little about me I suppose...where do I start?

1.I love the sun,not for my skin but for my mind , I cannot go a moment with the blinds closed after waking, the curtains must be open, I have nothing to hide, its not like any eyes looking in will see me in my undies, unlike my neighbour, which makes me chuckle, but I dare not tell the kids there is a kitchen full on undie bums in easy sight. I always wonder what people are hiding , I am a blinds open girl.

2. My biggest neuroses is beds, there is nothing nicer than a made bed, and a well made bed , no sloppy cheap comforters here, pillows need to be just so, I have tried to go a day without making them and its not something I can handle, I need to be able to get into a fresh bed every night, it hasn't rubbed off on my kids though , but I know it will, maybe with the young one,oh and there is a rule the last one that gets up makes the bed, my husband is so good at complying with this one, he shares my need for made bed. He even will make the kids beds on the weekend, he's so good.

3.I am a fearless home improvement junkie , really some are shoppers , I am an improver, if it can be better I want to do it, it started from a lack of funds issue, but has become a passion, I hope to flip houses one day , after the craze dies down and when my kids are older and can maybe help out. Nothing pleases me more that my tiled back splash , kitchen island, tiled fireplace, wainscoting, and recessed paneling jobs, and most recently my unfinished wood floor install. There is nothing cosmetic I will not tackle, I figure why can't I learn.

4.I am very forgetful, really, nothing seems to stay in my head for long, I am always thinking of the next thing, I have had to run up to the school so many times with things for the kids,and if I am not forgetting something I am convinced I have, my biggest issue that sends me into a panic is the feeling I left the flat iron on, or not locked the door, I can't tell you how many times I have had to turn the car around and just check for my sanity.

5.I can't stand runny noses, really, nothing worse, its a job hazard though,I feel contaminated when ever I have to wipe one, and I teach kids at a very young age to do it themselves, my kids are very good not to have ever have walked around with snotty noses , but some kids don't even notice, the licking , must I go on, and parents come on no one can see past the snot to see just how cute you think your kid really is , clean it up please.

6.My favorite movie is "Somethings Gotta Give" with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson, I love her she is sublime, and the big part is the set for the movie,I can't get enough, I have seen it 6-7 times, and I will watch it more. It takes place in the best house which is actually a set, I have the dvd its my dad's but lets face he he's not getting it back,I watch the behind the scenes tour over and over. Great style.

7.I really hate doing laundry, well maybe not hate it but its not on my radar , if I could change one thing about my house it would be having a main floor laundry, I think that would help, for instance today I realized we have no clean towels, I am the one who washes only with cold, for the environment,but forget to put it in the dryer so it has to be washed again, bright huh?

8. Ok here's the doozie, Linda bear with me, if there is a door on it , closet , cupboard , drawer , most likely its a disaster behind it, sorry , I keep the two main floors clean and tidy but I lack the organization time it takes to keep things out of sight tidy not to mention my messy kids, I can't tell you how many times I have cleaned the unfinished basement and garage , just to feel overwhelmed in a month when it is a disaster again .Which is why I am desperate to finish the basement including a storage room, for my furniture graveyard downstairs.

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