Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Vintage Pearl

While blog surfing yesterday I found this wonderful artist, Erin ,her brand and blog is charmingly called The Vintage Pearl I was instantly drawn to her work , it appeals to me on such a high level of delight , now where do I start ?how do I decide what to buy? You can find her work on a phenomenal source for one of a kind items of all mediums. Get a cup of coffee or tea and carve out some time to take a look at etsy, it might take a while but is well worth your time. Check out her blog for more info on purchasing and where that can be done, as well its just a lovely blog about life and family, another favourite for me.
This kind of creative work from a busy mom of three in Oklahoma, the access we all have is now limitless to wonderful people and their talents , I must say I hope you enjoy this wonderful artist like I do.

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