Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Powder Room its getting there.

This is a little ledge in the PR that for years I didn't know what to do with but I love this .

I suppose this will be about my powder room, it is so typically tiny, the fixtures were not my choosing but standard builder install,I have plans to at least change the pedestal sink for a square sink installed on top of a small side table that I have, and a new faucet of course, but those will need to wait for funds, so for now I am giving it a well deserved fluff job, the finished stool I built over the weekend turned out well and is much better than the plastic one that has given many small feet a helping hand, my favourite medicine cabinet my husband and I bought at a craft market over 10 years ago holds a few odds and ends nothing worth peeking although I have heard one guest take a peek but the door squeaks a bit so that secret got out, I built the frame around the mirror from more scrap parts a while back and now I am trying the ceiling in the most vibrant shade of aqua blue, my happy colour.
To Do List for powder room
1. Change sink for table new sink and faucet
2. Beadboard
3. Finish painting ceiling
4. Replace door trim and baseboards.
5. Replace old light scrunchie
6. Replace door with privacy glass door I want for home depot???

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