Sunday, July 22, 2007

Cottage flavour



Recently on cityline one of my favourite designers Brian Gluckstien who is one of Canada's premiere Interior Designers, was showing a lesson on Cityline, where he showed a front exterior shot that so resembled my front window, and the insets had beadboard . Last year I tried the grey paint in the insets but by spring it was chipping , I liked the contrast but have always wanted to update it, we looked into veneer stone but that is very costly and the areas would have been quite large, so that was on hold, this was my perfect solution, beadboard, I love it inside so heck yeah its perfect. I have more to do ,I am not done by a long shot , but it is well on its way, as our model is one of the most popular elevations , 12 on our street of our house and 6 in the siding elevation, an assortment of colors but so much the same , I want to have mine stand out from the rest as in I don't want it to look just like all the others , it doesn't.

The stones under the window I added to give the beachy charm, the kids and I last week went rock hunting , as our area is still very much a construction zone, lots of beautiful rocks and even some boulders, I can't believe I lifted them.The area under the window was jammed with shrubs by the builder which I transplanted into the compact front yard ,creating a garden where a hump of grass previously was, it gives the walkway much more space to walk through.

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