Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Grateful for Rain

This is one of those gloomy days full of rain, but boy do we need it we haven't had rain in southern ontario in weeks and weeks , probably over a month without a drop, everything is dry but not my gardens, I have become so attached to my flowers,as much as I am attached to my ever changing house.I never make improvements for anyone but myself, I do the work for the love of it, not for resale , although I never do anything that would put off a potential buyer, but selling is not what I have in mind, I still have so many plans.Although when I see the blue tiles in the kitchen photo I wish for a moment that I had just gone with color??just for a moment , I love my white tiles.
The yard , the kitchen counters, appliances , now if I could wave my little wand and have it just so ,I would , who wouldn't?

I am so inspired by beautiful things, like this chair I could use a chair like that , a completely self indulgent girly but not frilly bed to cozy up in, that is well on its way, as I found the perfect duvet cover yesterday , now to settle on a duvet ??

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