Friday, July 25, 2008

The garden this year

Linda did a post today sharing her lovely cottage garden , palatial garden compared to my wee patch , I suppose I like it small because I am not so good at imagining a garden not like I can envision a room indoors. What I was given was a slope of grass which I quickly ripped out , I carved out a path from sidewalk to door which is now a gravel path , treacherous to navigate so that will change, but fine for this year, I built this picket fence when we first moved in , this is my favorite feature of my garden.
This year I stained the cement steps and the pavers that the builder plopped down , I love how the stain , charcoal grey, adds some style to what was a pale faded cement entry.
Always adding accessories.
I love this knocker I found it at Winners before we bought the house , it is aging very well, I think it was $10.00 , I am thinking of painting this green door black ?
These are my favorite flowers day lilies , these peachy orange one are outstanding, easy , drought tolerant.
Red was a new color for me , I like it with the purple, as you can see I have no plan overall, I just buy what I like.
Soft peach with ruffles edge, stunning.
Last years window box was better, oh well, I painted the bead board dark this year.
This is my fave spot, I like how full it is , the textures, I am trying to make this happen everywhere, I need patience , it takes time for perennials to grow.
I have just ripped out two shrubs that were between the day lilies as thy were full of some sort of infestation, creepy, I hate bugs , lovely gaps.
So my garden is simple , a work in progress, as I just ripped out 5 shrubs this years so I am filling in , I suppose it is just like inside always evolving.
Things I swear by cedar chips, box woods, day lilies, beach stones as ground cover, and having an open mind and patience.


Bella said...

I love Daylillies, too, I wish all of them were repeat bloomers like the Stella D'Oro ones. I am so mad this year, though, because the deer ate all of my favorite ones! I don't know what the name is but they are very tall and big and they are in between a yellow and an orange color, almost flourescent, they are so bright...ugh...dang deer!!!

I see you can keep Lobelia alive, lol. I bought a hanging planter of it and killed it in no time. In fact, I have killed all things blue...and that was my theme this year, to incorporate blue into my landscaping since we just got blue shutters and painted the front door what?

Next spring we are spray painting the shutters and hand painting the door (again!)! I should have gone with black to begin with, but I was stubborn ;)

You have a LOVELY garden, I would love to sit there and watch the afternoon roll by :)

Have a lovely weekend:)

julie said...

Oh my goodness! Is that your house? I love it! I feel the same way! I have trouble decorating/planting the outside! You did a great job! Can you help me with mine? I have that same big heavy knocker and I love it! I have it hanging on the small wall right next to my front door! And I had my front door painted black! I love it! So, what does your backyard look like? Julie

My Beautiful Mess! said...


Chris said...

I loved this tour. It just proves that the outside of your house is just as beautiful as the inside. I gave you an award today. Stop by sometime and "pick it up".

sarah @ a beach cottage said...

oh me too I loved seeing the outside, the colour of your house is just right

love all the little bits you showed, especially the knocker

we also painted ugly grey and past it's best concrete with path/concrete paint, I had no faith in it and thought it would be awful and it's not it looks fab, the Power of Paint lol!

restyled home said...

Your plantings are perfect for your home. Everything looks beautiful, but now I want to see more of the back yard!


20 Something Superhero said...

bahahaha does the little dog sign say " no dumping!!"??? lol. I love that!! P.s. I've never notice all the cool knockers out there before. Very pretty. My mom has a pretty little dragonfly that I am going to have to steal down the road!!