Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Making the most of cabinet space, adding drawers

This is the messy cupboard below our junk drawer where we keep a whole lot of stuff. 
It's always a mess and disorganized , I know. Why do these cabinets have half shelves ? well I guess full shelves would be hard to navigate also.
 I decided to just go ahead and add drawers where drawers should be, behind all the doors with messes hiding behind them. 

 After a few hours building simple pine box drawers and attaching inexpensive 22" slides I had me some useful drawers.$14 a drawer. I used masonite to create the bottom and I added shelf paper , nothing fancy. It was my first time using shelf paper that stuff is annoying. As you can see I drilled holes to make the drawers very easy to access.
My husband was quite surprised to open this cupboard last night to see drawers where he usually sees a big mess.
Now I need to move onto making many more drawers to make the best use of our storage space.

You can add expensive pre-made drawers from your local big box store or you can make your own. It's easy. I didn't router I just made a box and added the bottom and screwed the masonite to the box through the slides. Sp simple.
I needed to add this strapping to install the slides on the hinge side of the cabinet this allows to the drawer to slide out past the hinge. 

 I will add a spice pull out drawer to a skinny cupboard that we use for cookie sheets and such. Oh the extra space we will get in the island food cabinet.
Would you try to install drawers in your cabinets. Here is a great pin on how to install drawer slides just in case you are inspired

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