Thursday, July 10, 2008

More wonderful stripes

I can't get enough of stripes , if you follow my blog this is clear to any one. I am one step closer to finishing this room , I was lucky to find such a compatible piece for my bedside , normally I wouldn't need them to match but the scale of the table there before was so wrong. How could I stripe one and not the other, now one more thing , do I need a white mirror over the left side table , for symmetry or is it better left alone,??? please weigh in.

It looks much brighter in the photo than in reality , I will sand these little dressers to soften the lines when they have had a chance to cure.
Very fun , light hearted cabana stripes , now to tackle those floors, white painted pine , or dark oak?? weigh in on that too if you have an opinion.
The lamps are leaving my bored...too any ideas for those.

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