Tuesday, July 8, 2008

This is my inspiration for painting my two side tables. Oh did I mention that the dresser I am getting tonight is $40.00 it is the same width and height as the little antique dresser we already have.
I came home with a few little goodies this past weekend, I love these brackets , I though I could use them for a shelf but they were not meant for that as there are no hooks , I could attach some if I find a place to put a great shelf, for now one is a book end at this computer desk and one in the front room just as an accessory. I wanted this jar for $9.99 for my kitchen with its stainless steel lid , it now is holding pasta shells. Oh each of those brackets was $12.00 that is incredible.
I found this little dresser on craigslist and Todd is going to pick it up for me tonight after work , it is 10 minutes from his work, how convenient, this will be my night table, I was looking at lots of others available online for around $400 -$600 a lot rich for my taste , I knew I could find a more dollar friendly option . I will paint it with stripes and Todd's as well , I hated painting over the stripes in my bedroom they were very pleasing but I love my brown walls more , I need to add some stripes , love my stripes.

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