Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A whole lot of nothing much.

This is my little wee garden area in my backyard, it is filling in nicely, I add a couple of plants every year, I am just not into gardening this year , maybe it is all the rain, my grass has never looked better , so green but so saturated with water its a muddy mess , good thing we put in that deck this year. I do plan on adding more gardens for instance around the deck , around the playhouse and so on, but I have not felt motivated to do so lately . I have lost my mojo , don't worry it will be back.
This morning glory was given to me by a former neighbour many miles away , I harvested the seeds and brought them with me from our old house , now it just plants it self around , pretty cool , something feasts on it every year , but leaves all the other plants.

This was for a fire pit we used oh twice , but it is nice to keep , I would love to do the whole yard like this , a pattern of these squares all over. Little miss fashion, she surprised me with cleaning her whole room after playing in it all day , even Mason is keeping her room cleaner since my recent improvements. The dresser was a nice addition , its a bit of a pinky white , but looks worse in the photo , at least Mason is on board with me painting her bunk bed , now I just have to find the energy to do it .
I love how these curtains turned out , I have been dying to use this fabric somewhere , these curtains cost $4.00 to make.

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