Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Brown makeover...

I added the bench , that is just about it for now, now to source some affordable flooring.
I loved my blue bedroom and the stripes but I was feeling tired of it , so after living with one dark brown wall for months I felt it was time to make the change, inspired by Flipping Out show on Bravo I was longing for a bolder look.
I love it , the brown was a great choice, it is bold and rich and with the freshness of white and my shabby chic bedding its the right mix of dark and light.
After moving some items around and adding a new yet wrinkled bed skirt , please ignore that , I now see just how much the brown table on my side of the bed needs to go and I will need to find a more suitable side table.

I shifted the room to the left quite considerably to center everything to the light , much better now, so new side table , new flooring and all new trim and then it will be done. I want to have a herringbone patterned wood floor in here .

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