Monday, July 14, 2008

Imperfect Makeover

Linda at Restyled Home introduced a challenge to share our projects that are not expensive but creative and cost effective and most importantly "imperfect" hope I got that right , I am all about this , of course if I was rolling in dough I would shell out the money for this well made chair that I have been eyeing for a couple of years now but I can not be so indulgent so I enjoy and live large in my bargain pieces , and I am happy to do so , I don't have things in my home that you can not use or can not put your feet up on, who can live like that , everything has a wear and tear appeal , chippy and sanded is my style for sure. In fact I don't believe having loads of funds would ever change my love of the hunt , the hunt of a great bargain or finding a piece to transform that is at the root of what I love to do , it is my passion and my creative outlet. #1 is the old door I bought at a flea market and painted grey and added moulding and used it sideways as a head board for a few years , recently I re purposed it and added a panel to the bottom and used chalkboard paint and now it is a fun piece to my kitchen which also hides the side of my fridge, double duty.

#2 most recently my little craigslist purchase a whopping $40 .00 above,
What I could have easily bought new for over $500 I believe on clearance.
The finished product , I love getting the look for less , this piece has character and can be used without fear of damage, it has layers of paint which I leave and love , I don't want a perfect smooth finish , this has more soul.
Cheers Linda.

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