Saturday, July 19, 2008

Settee drama's

So here is the settee in desperate need of recovering, I was told that the company Rowe makes slipcovers so I could always have them make a one , well apparently I may have been misinformed , the sales girl is inquiring for me , cross your fingers for me , it would be a wonderful thing if I could just pick one of their beautiful fabrics and wait patiently for 8 weeks for it to arrive , we will soon see.
This first fabric is my first choice , I love the pattern and the colors are beautiful, no one else shared this choice but that is just how it goes sometimes.
These are two others a little bland and safe , but nice as well, I want a pattern , it has worked well so far as it hides small stains and dog hair doesn't show as much on a pattern .

If it doesn't work out that they can make me one I will have to have one made else where or have it re-upholstered with a washable fabric. I sure hope they can do this for me.

Which fabric sample would you vote for ?? 1,2 or 3??

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