Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I love the variation in this floor above , I wouldn't mind the shorter lengths which will keep costs lower the straight forward flooring I think I can handle.
this is what I am thinking for floors , do you think I could do that myself ? I am doubtful , that looks tricky, I am thinking of finding a rough grade hard or soft wood, in short lengths.

I thought I should share my wonderful brown paint color , it is Benjamin Moore "fairview taupe" flat , I actually had it tinted at Home Depot and used a Behr paint, they have the colors in their system, and for a fraction of the cost , as well they cover much better than BM which I found watery, but I will buy BM waterborne impervo for my kitchen cupboards as it is self leveling.

Just to let you know that my husband who gets very comfortable with things the way they are and had thought maybe we should leave the light blue , loves the dark brown the room looks so much more finished and grown up, I removed a few of the little things around after yesterday's photos , it is amazing how a photo can show you what is wrong in a room.

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