Sunday, July 13, 2008

Stair progress is slow going

Can't you just see a girl about 14 coming down those stairs in some soon to be dreaded grad dress , I have always seen it in my mind , taking those pictures , making my child so embarrassed and rolling her eyes while her awkward date waits for her to it that 4 years away. It just occurred to me that I was not showing my stairs by their best angle how unkind, they are the kind you see first thing open arrival, I love it when stairs are worth looking at , which is why I have out so much effort into them , just imagine them how they were intended to be natural oak stain on the handrails and spindles and broadloom all the way around the edges, say it with my ewww!sorry to those reading with the type of stairs I just snubbed , you know they ugly !
that dog is a camera hog, he ever so subtly gets himself in my shots.

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