Monday, July 28, 2008

Rains ,sink holes and a whole lot of nothing weekend.

This is a sink whole , I discovered it while disposing of dog dootie, wow there is a big gaping whole on the corner of our house, this is the only down spout area for the back of the house , apparently the neighbour saw and was GONNA tell us, and he was waiting for what , a human to fall in it? the ground just kept falling in , it was about 2 feet deep , it took 11 bags of drainage gravel to fill this in and a new extended down spout as well as redirecting my neighbours downspout which was pointed directly at this spot, hopefully the fixes we did will solve this problem , we have been having rain , torrential down pours daily for a very long time now, but question where did it go , the earth just falls in , alarming isn't it . I assure you it was much worse than this photo can show.
I have been hard at work this weekend trying to pull my daughters room together , she is busting out of this room, she has an incredible amount of stuff, I took out 3 big bags of trash ,amazing to me. I painted these panels green, she loves it , it looks cute, I need to paint her double bunk beds white as it is dark brown now, no good , it will look so nice white.
I am trying to rework this piece of furniture it was a hot pink, but it is just so odd , it doesn't fit in very well anywhere I put it, I may need to find another side table.
I am reworking items that are in there already , like these finials which I never liked but they weren't for me, the are now a bright green with pink gems.
I am looking for a modern blue and green print fabric for the new curtains something a little funky, like she is , still working on that , today I am sure I will find just the right thing.

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