Monday, July 21, 2008

I had intended to build a new mirror , but didn't really feel up to it , my husband bought me two of these round studded mirrors for Christmas and I decided to pluck them from their spots and try them , I love it , what do you think ? oh I also changed the star out from a beautiful green one to this blue one.

Stair progress again , hey it is a big job. Here is the before again , just to remind you of what a change it is...
After . look the dogs match.... I love the bold and crisp look it has given these rooms, It has taken about 20 hours so far , there will be a little more touching up to do , I also need to borrow a ladder to paint under the stairs as I can not reach it at all, I had painted the treads black , gloss black , just because of laziness , I didn't want to wait to have paint tinted so I bought pre mixed black , it was gloss or matte, the gloss made the imperfections in the wood shine and glare, it was strange looking , so I re painted with the matte on the tread and gloss on the hand rail, its good now, I am very pleased , and it is worth all the effort , all good things are.
Speaking of which ....
I came home to find this , my girls playing out in the rain , they had so much fun , they did it the next day as well I was glad to see their Dad was fine with it too, why not right. They sang and danced and got dirty , good clean fun.This wall has always bothered me something was missing , I moved this antique plate below the painting and moved the painting up a touch and it seems to make me happier now, funny how tweaking can help.
Ok, look at this isn't it gorgeous, I could not pass on this , it is so pretty and a beautiful color, I was thinking for my bedroom , but now that I added the round mirrors this will stay down stairs.
I have a couple of ideas of where I will put it .
The best is that is was $22.00 can you believe that , it was in a clearance bin, what a steal.

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