Sunday, July 13, 2008

All the whites are white, I am truly exhausted and hating this process, which I swear I will never , let me say never do again. The white has really brightened up the front room, unifying all of the mill work , the stairs were done way before the millwork was upgraded.
I estimate that it has taken me 12 hours to get to this point and hour here an hour there, 5 hours today ,
trying out the black handrail, wishing I had chosen this color scheme all along, classic.
Before above, well after I painted it the first time 5 years ago.
I would like to add some detail to the side of the stairs, anyone have a better example I would love to see it , this is a bit much to tell you the truth.
Here is how the stairs came, I had the standard carpeted stair case left un carpeted for me to paint , I am less cheap today , I would pay to have beautiful painted stairs in my next home.
There is my wee Sophie of two years , I really like the look of uncarpeted stairs but after seeing this little girl fall down them , you know carpet is in order for houses with small children. I would like to see it re done in the next couple of years in a nice wool sisal with a great cotton binding.

I estimate that painting the treads and handrails will take yet a couple of more days , I will break now to allow the whote to cure, two days of rest from painting. What else can I do ?

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