Monday, July 7, 2008

Summer fun and family.

We spend the weekend with Todd's family Grandma and Grandpa have a pool , from dawn to dusk the girls couldn't get enough of the warm water, I am not a swimsuit wearer so I participate by acting as life guard and abserve all the fun tricks the kids come up with .

There was a family picnic that we were attending on Saturday and family birthday celebrations Sunday so we made a long weekend of it and stopped off at Marineland on Friday afternoon. Unlike previous visits the girls were very adventureous and tried almost all of the rides.
This ride above was running but empty when we arrived to line up, huh? oh some one had thrown up and it was on spin cycle when we got there , I wonder how often that happens, they must had tried the bear ride that did me in.
We enjoyed a nice dinner than spent the rest of the weekend enjoying family time with Todd's family, didn't realize I left my camera in my purse for the whole weekend. But some how plenty of photos to share , just from the beginning and end of the weekend though.

My kind of ride , I love the swings they are so relaxing, how did I end up in yellow swings when the robins egg blue ones were there, so pretty .

This ride gave me so much stress to see my family up there , it tips over sideways, it is slow , but it just looks wrong from my point of view, which was on the sidelines as a whirling ride tied my stomach in knots, I thought I might finally get sick from a ride, I hate spinning rides.

We had a great longish weekend, spend Friday afternoon at Marineland Niagara Falls , the kids were finally brave enough to try a ton of rides, it was fun to enjoy rides with them and skip all the little kiddie rides, finally it only took 10 years. We saw whales , they are so peaceful to watch , we skipped the shows , the kids didn't want to see them , and when you have seen one you have seen them all.
We had lots of down time catching up with family that we don't see very often , great food , drinks and warm warm weather, the swam all Sunday , tried to keep sunburns at bay , that was tough , got to see just how big all the kids are growing , how time flies, that was a great summer weekend.
Back to the regular today , work , loads of kids and messes and my many many projects to complete.

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