Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer rains!

This has been how the skies look all week , and more days like these to come, it has meant lots of playing in the rain for the kids, the air is nice and cool , better than horrible extreme heat , with all the rain we are getting the grass is wonderfully green , that's a plus, it has not been nice enough to cut it so it is crazy long ....
These are the dog days of summer, with a house FULL of kids the days are LONG and messes are CONSTANT we are not able to get out during the days as I do not own a bus ,good news though luckily I have a four day weekend coming up unexpectantly , yipee, I need it , I suppose that means more rain.
Feeling like a maid and cook these days I know there are many other women out there feeling this way too, give me a shout out to that , I am feeling alone in the world these days. I wish I could get in a get away .
When is school back in....?

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