Monday, July 28, 2008

after searching and finding some really pretty fabrics that did not appeal to my 10 year old and her finding things that were thin or cheap or inappropriate for curtains, I decided while she was out to try this fabric that I thought was perfect the greens the blue, they are short because there will be a double dresser under that window on Thursday as I have found the perfect Nantucket style white dresser and it is on its way , I imagine that girls from 10-18 only begin to get more and more into clothes so I am getting ready with lots of storage, since she doesn't have a dresser in her room right now , I imagine it is about time.
I love the drapes , they are very vintage quirky.
I gave Mason my fave white Nantucket mirror for her room tired of her having hand me downs and left overs and I moved around a few things like usual and found room for the weathered frames I got for a bargain , I also found these two salvage beachy frames , now this is beachy. I am working on printing out the black and white photos right after this post is complete.

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