Friday, July 25, 2008

The garden this year

Linda did a post today sharing her lovely cottage garden , palatial garden compared to my wee patch , I suppose I like it small because I am not so good at imagining a garden not like I can envision a room indoors. What I was given was a slope of grass which I quickly ripped out , I carved out a path from sidewalk to door which is now a gravel path , treacherous to navigate so that will change, but fine for this year, I built this picket fence when we first moved in , this is my favorite feature of my garden.
This year I stained the cement steps and the pavers that the builder plopped down , I love how the stain , charcoal grey, adds some style to what was a pale faded cement entry.
Always adding accessories.
I love this knocker I found it at Winners before we bought the house , it is aging very well, I think it was $10.00 , I am thinking of painting this green door black ?
These are my favorite flowers day lilies , these peachy orange one are outstanding, easy , drought tolerant.
Red was a new color for me , I like it with the purple, as you can see I have no plan overall, I just buy what I like.
Soft peach with ruffles edge, stunning.
Last years window box was better, oh well, I painted the bead board dark this year.
This is my fave spot, I like how full it is , the textures, I am trying to make this happen everywhere, I need patience , it takes time for perennials to grow.
I have just ripped out two shrubs that were between the day lilies as thy were full of some sort of infestation, creepy, I hate bugs , lovely gaps.
So my garden is simple , a work in progress, as I just ripped out 5 shrubs this years so I am filling in , I suppose it is just like inside always evolving.
Things I swear by cedar chips, box woods, day lilies, beach stones as ground cover, and having an open mind and patience.

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