Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Easy and inexpensive DIY mitten and glove dryer

Well lets face it mittens and gloves when they do come home come home wet , right ? I decided I needed to come up with an easy way to dry and store mittens other than jammed into a basket or strewn all over floor registers , my dogs would have a blast with them if you know what I mean ...and I have this window right by the front door , so my solution was to make a removable mitten dryer

I used a left over piece of 1x3 wood and I drilled through two holes just slightly larger than two big dowels I had lying around , I then drilled matching holes right in the window sill and I used carpenters glue to keep the dowels in place in the window sill, I then drilled a series of holes along the top side of the wood to hammer in dowels , well actually I used extra large skewers I picked up at the grocery store , cake dowels would work nicely too and they would be straighter than my skewers , I cut off the sharp end of the skewer and hammered them in, former sharp side down, and it works very nicely.
I just slipped the dryer over the dowels and that keeps it secured in place , why didn't I think of this years ago??
I had planned on painting it , but the dampness would make a mess of the paint and this is a seasonal gadget, there you have it , an easy mitten dryer , this could also be attached to the wall, under a hall table or above something high , or over a rad , oh that would work really well just use thicker dowelling and glue them in place.

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