Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thinking ahead

I am thinking ahead into the future , maybe two years from now we will be starting over in a new house , same area just bigger house , just a little, the parking situation is getting to be a bit much , as we have a single driveway and two cars and a sidewalk, we have a miserable old neighbour that has been calling parking enforcement to have people ticketed, I can't imagine why it bothers him , he has a driveway all to himself and one truck, but we have all been ticketed , and now my husband has to parallel park on the end of our driveway , ridiculous, 5 years no trouble and now this old crusty guy , we can not park on the street for more than two hours here as well, really annoying , so eventually we will move , as we can not make any more space out front and dealing with this for the long haul is not an option.
Before that I want to have my house as finished as it can be by August , no little things to be finished , that little to do list needs to be completed. I am working on it , as well I am planning my next kitchen and living space feel , this picture above is what I would like our family room to look a lot like.
I found this fretwork online $3.99 each , they are perfect for my stairs, and totally affordable.
This is what I am thinking for my next kitchen , lots of open shelving, I am also thinking all the base cabinets will be drawers , great for everything, a big pantry ,and giant island, of course .

I found this inspiration photo of the brown room and white furniture, it has the dark floors, which I think look nice , I mean the brown walls will go eventually, right? I want to do the white floors but moving everything out and laying the pine and painting and sealing it would take many days probably two weeks not easy to do myself, I am not a construction worker , I can't do that , I think I will have to go with the easy install myself , bargain dark floors, I will not have the time to do anything else.
I know in my next house before we get all moved in we will move in to spare bedroom and I can do the floors first thing white pine , that would work I assure you I will have those white floors one day.

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