Thursday, July 31, 2008

Front sitting area help , please!

My big plan for this small space is to have a patio in the shape of a circle here to make a small courtyard area , I had this furniture sitting around and thought I should try this out , a nice place to sit and watch the children play. This is right at the front door in case you are wondering where this is and I have already stained the patio stone grey where it is not in the photo.

I would love a little help though , the fence I know it's not beautiful , should I paint it dark grey , or cover it over with something stylish not lattice though , if you have anything that comes to mind or a photo that would work well please send it my way , thank you for the help in advance. Oh one more thing no plantings please, something wood based.



ROXY said...

Hey Chris~

This probably isn't the answer you are looking for but.... I like the fence the way it is. I think the aged grey patina looks great next to the black furniture and the stained pavers. And if I'm not mistaken, you recently painted your front stoop black, right? I think all looks wonderful!!

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Chris said...

I immediately thought, "Clematis vine", but no plantings. I then found a bunch of pictures, but no e-mail of yours. So...I found this website

that has a picture of a two tone fence. The one I like is a dark taupe with cream accents. I like the idea of gray. Maybe you could do a couple of subtle shades so there's a little depth to it? I'm not a huge fan of trellis work unless it's done right. I like the fence you have, but I would paint it. Well, there you go--my two cents. Can't wait to see what you do! I know it'll be gorgeous.

sarah @ a beachcottage said...

i like the fence as it is as I kinda like that worn patina, but I think with the furniture and the patio colour I think the fence would look good in the same colour

how about some of those 'ball's - the decorative ones, you could place those on the pebbles for a bit of definition

I'm really interested to see with what comes up here, cos I have exactly the same dilemma, only yours looks now, how I want mine to look after, it's a real nothing boring space at the moment and I just *know* that it'll probably be a relatively easy makeover to get it looking like a million times better

Bella said...

I think it looks nice just how it is...the only thing I can think of is maybe adding some bushy fern plants on the ground, near the chairs, one on each side maybe?

What a great place to sit!


Deborah said...

Hi - I think it looks nice as is, but maybe you could try some plants in containers (i.e. boxwood). Also, can you tell me what color and brand of stain you used for your patio? I want to do the same and can't figure out what stain to use and yours looks perfect. If you want to stain the fence, you could try Cabot's bleaching oil which is very subtle and will help the fence turn a silver-gray color over time.


Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I really do like it "as-is" -- it will continue to weather and gray which will look even more weathered boardwalk boards(though that won't get you the instant gratification you're looking for :-)

If you cover it you could try large old salvaged shutters, that would make a sort of screen behind your seating area (you could anchor to the fence).

Kari said...

Not sure what color your house is, but just looking at this, I think white would look great, really brighten up the area. Maybe a white wash (if those are the words I'm looking for), you know, kind of paint it and then rub some off.

Can't wait to see what you decide!

Anonymous said...

I think it all looks nice. Here are a couple of suggestions though....
I would move the chars so they are completely on the pebbles, if possible. I think with the one leg from each chair on the pavers, it throws it off a bit. Also, consider working some copper in behind the chairs to pull in the copper from your stair rail posts.

Love your blog. I wish I lived closer. I'd hire you to be my designer!


20 Something Superhero said...

I think all the fence needs is a nice coat of paint.... but I have no idea what color. Love the little stone patio. The bf and I are eagerly awaiting buying a house where we can create something like this, with a firepit for nice backyard bbq parties! Lucky gal!