Friday, August 1, 2008

Closing the book

I have been offering daycare in my home for 10 years now , well nearly 10 years , but the plan was always to stop when my youngest was in school full time, I put in an extra year because the families I had were wonderful and the kids were still in need of care and I did not want to cause and upheaval , until today ...

In a sense I have quit my day job, I have decided to fully pursue my dreams of offering my decor services in the area where I live, I am very excited to make this huge change and I don't know how things will turn out , but I am more than ready to take the chance on me . It is time to fullfill my dreams.

I am glad and will never regret a day that I stayed home with my children , I was here for all the first's, second's, third's and so on, it at times was not easy , we all had to make sacrifices but it was a good decision , and the right one for me , and helping with the finances sometimes not much but helping none the least was something I had to do for my pride. It has been a winning combination .

In September I will opening shop ,not really but you know what I mean , I have some work to do , wish me luck , this should be an exciting adventure.

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