Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Newest Member Moe

Yes that is Moe like in the Simpson's , not ,my choosing , but that's ok. I hope the puppy training goes smoothly and quickly, summer is the best time for me, my work load is slightly lighter and I work at home so training goes by quicker in these cases, so far so good, lots of outdoor pees and poops, so can really complain, but I will add building a corral onto my list of weekend activities as he will need to be separated for his protection and the protection of others.
He is actually sleeping in Sophie's arms, can you believe that , and he slept well last night too. Poor Dolce he didn't know what hit him, it triggered strange excessive drooling in him that was drenching the poor pup, but he didn't seem to even notice, Dolce has calmed right down , we bought them both new toys and Dolce was thrilled with the new toys, I know they will share many years cuddling and playing together ,so that when I begin working out of the house Dolce who has always had a house full will have company.
So lets recap :
2 kids
2 dog
2 frogs
one happy family :


restyled home said...

Hah! I knew you'd get him!! You're so like me...once I get something in my mind, I barrell forward!! He's a cutie, but he doesn't appear that much smaller than must be the pictures! I wonder who will be the alpha dog??
Have fun with him...the girls look so happy!


chriskauf said...

I wonder the same thing?

Julie said...

Adorable puppy!!!!

I enjoyed visiting your blog and your beautiful home.

freakiest said...

Well now I have come to know you a little bit more. Beautiful home. Very talented. Nice pictures of Jessica and the rest of the kids. I see you like hydrangeas. And stripes. Did you know that I am THE hydrangea mogul of North America? I have millions of them growing as we speak. I even have striped varieties. Over 100 varieties of Lilly's too. I even named one after my wife. Deanna White. I would love to give you and the family something for your garden. Maybe when Todd comes down this way next I can arrange something for him to take home.

onelittlemustardseed said...

Congrats on the new puppy...he looks adorable! I hear I will meet your puppy when you come to NB...looking forward to it!