Wednesday, July 15, 2009

White kitchens

Editied again just to show how a ho hum kitchen is instanly updated with fresh creamy paint, amazing.

*Edited to add images of fantastic primer

This is my primer of choice , it is fantastic , you can find it in Canada and the US , call around to find it if you must.

BIN is the best product to sealing over wood with knots it is a must when covering pine and stains of all kinds , I used this on my beadboard ceiling and not one discoloration has made it's way through.

If you can not find these Benjamin Moore make a fresh start primer , which I have used , I prefer Zinsser , you only need one coat of primer to get this job started, WARNING do not let the paint counter people tell you that you need melamine or oil this is a job that can be done with latex I assure you , much more environmentaly friendly .

No these are not white kitchens but can we please address an observation I have made , since I started blogging about 2 years ago ,I have followed many design based blogs and I have noticed something missing, that something is Stained WOOD KITCHENS , now I am not a fan and have never been a fan of stain wood cabinets as I myself am a white kitchen kinda girl .

I get many many emails asking me about painting cabinets or how to work around disliked cabinets , I don't think you can really work around this type of bossy element , it is just to dominating.

So I found this very telling the complete lack of stained wood kitchens , I have not seen one single stained kitchen that did not look out of date and in meed of a lick of paint, to me they say 1990 something, and not this more classic time that we are in , we are tending to be reaching into the past to a more simple time of decorating , going back to details and a less manly approach to decorating , creams whites and even soft blues and greens are being used to paint over such outdated kitchens.

I think I can safely say that these white bright , and simple kitchens are much more appealing , don't you agree?

It's a fresher feeling , cleaner , crisp and casual , as I always say leave the wood for the flooring.

Or the counters and the flooring.

How about a soft grey?

It is always a great choice , some nay sayers will try to tell you that you can not paint wood cabinets , I say "WHAT YOU TALKIN BOUT", of course you can , wood is a building material , we have been painting wood for over a century , all you need is ZINSSER primer and you are a couple of weekends away from a beautiful new kitchen. Do not fear.

This beautiful designer kitchen from Velevet and Linen is stunning , yes! but turn it all orangey brown and you will have a country bumpkin kind of space , picture it with me , it is always better white, trust me , it is work but all you will need is a handy friend or husband to make the job go more quickly , ZINSSER , a satin latex paint , sash brush , foam rollers , and you can too have a light and airy kitchen like the ones you have admired .

SO have I convinced you ?

The other way to go is to rent a paint sprayer to make the job even easier, it is well worth the effort.

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