Friday, July 10, 2009

Major makeover for minor effort

After a little swim in the pool on this very summery day , we retreated to the warmth of the sunny front porch on the second floor , see how bright it gets in the afternoon , nice .

With this lovely sky view like this and a beautiful late day sun view it was a shame no one wanted to use this space , but no wonder as it was very neglected after a long hard winter.

The worse a before the better the after right? After scrubbing , scraping and sanding these sad deck boards I painted them with Flik and Co blue and white Behr stain , they were instantly fresh and happy .

She is a happy child really , I love her fashion sense isn't she so cute , bicycle shorts under a ripped edge denim skirt and sequined heart t-shirt , ring on the index finder and she is wearing a long fake ponytail that matches her hair perfectly .

How many times a day does your daughter change her outfits, well Sophie averages about 4-6 times a day in the summer , during school she comes home and puts on an afternoon outfit , and no she does not wear a uniform, I was just like her .

Mason is also very fashion concerned , but usually dresses once a day , thankful for that ,phew!

The only item that was purchase was this mirror from a new local shop , and it was $35~ I wanted to go on out and support a new business , I always appreciate those who support mine , the frame is plastic and will be fine outdoors.

I plan to add some more plates around the mirror , just need some cheap plate hangers.

Those chairs are the plastic type from my MIL , they will weather nicely out there and not warp, they also stack.

I hope you enjoyed the little tour of our little porch .

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