Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Gardens Bloom

2009 snapshots of the gardens. By no means am I a gardener , but I do love the fresh look of my gardens especially this year, the front has really bloomed and is filling in nicely . It has proven to be a nice front yard to garden as it is quite a small city lot , I opted to remove all of the grass from our front to plant it all and to add a lot of dry riverbed rocks, low maintenance, just my style , Miracle Grow is always a staple to my gardens success , and mulch to keep those weeds at bay. Window box scape , it changes every year .
2007 2008

2008 2009

See how it evolves over three years, the siding below the window box from this year is by far to me the best choice , and the larger blue brackets may be to some a bold choice but they are one of the touches that has created a relaxed beachy exterior , I went back and forth about going with the blue and I am so happy I did , sometimes it is the cheeky decisions that make the best impact.

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