Friday, July 3, 2009

Pool party madness

Someone is licking his lips just hoping I will drop some tasty treats.
I grabbed a piece of this fabulous fabric out of the basement to use as a table cloth for the days craft { don't you love it this is a polyester fringe I got dirt cheap} which is decorating flip flops , as today is Mason's birthday / pool party , we are patiently waiting for the weather to improve, looks like it will .

Long ago I bought these birthday plates , gosh aren't they cute?

On the Today show this morning they showed these napkin flowers , how lucky I had the supplies , the frog was the perfect flower holder .

I saw the cutest cupcakes on another blog , I will give her proper credit tomorrow or later today when I finish them , the perfect choice for a pool party , Mason chose carrot cake , yummm!

Fresh carrot and lemon zest, so fragrant, I use a Martha recipe , although I altered it , I now have to have the lemon in my carrot cakes always.

Here is a little sneak peak at a little project I am working on , the porch needs some tlc , so I gave it a good scrub , and all I need is some spare time to dedicate to it , who knows maybe it will be my escape tonight when the loads of 11 year olds that will be sleeping over are peacefully watching a movie, I can wish.

More to come soon , I hope.
Send me your patience and peace and a case of wine if you are near by.

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