Sunday, July 5, 2009

As far as the "yuck" goes it was to those people in general that love to brag about their pricey purchases in all aspects of life , real "braggers" , hey I am a bragger too but of how much I have saved and think that many many bloggers are looking to stretch a dollar , and are proud to buy an adorable bookshelf for $40 or to use drop cloths instead of costly draperies that cost over $100 a yard , if anyone is so blessed to be able to indulge in such decadence I honestly am happy for them , but most of us are NOT blessed in that way but we are creative and resourceful , I was not digging at those who are blessed but those who love to "rub it in".
I am sure we all have come across one or two of this "bragging"type in our lives, I actually was not referring to the interior design world either because where would I be without gorgeous expensive rooms to dream about , but since I do not live in that world I try to create the look with less , much less, and I am more than content with my less , and not ashamed.

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