Monday, July 27, 2009

I need your help PLEASE I am Chris and I am a secret disasterholic

I need your help , if everyone bands together maybe we can make this happen , see this is my laundry area it needs and intervention, it is so awful , we have no storage or at least not enough , no wonder I hate doing laundry , I have many times thought of making it better , but it overwhelms me , I do not know where to start nor do I have the funds to make it right , but I have found a solution IKEA is running a makeover contest you can help me by voting for my cause, please vote , it is the most pitiful . CHRISTIE'S disaster basement is my entry.if you are having trouble finding my awful space it is under workspaces.
I know if all of you who read this post vote for me we can do this together.
Thank you I know I can count on you .

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