Friday, July 17, 2009

Post number 713

{ I like the deep dark finish below , not the one that looks orangey above}

How could I have come up with 713 posts ? I can't tell you ,but I never would have believed I could .
I have a little crush these days on a door , a Jen Weld Adler door , turns out there is one other place I like a little bit of wood finish, on the floors of course and the front door. There is something about this door , I spotted it at Lowe's a few months back and I took a second look today and noticed unfinished and not pre-hung this door is very affordable , what it would do for the curb appeal would be sublime .
Our front door is steel and ugly , the hardware often doesn't work very well and a critter once breached it , yikes .
So it is on a waiting list , an ever changing waiting list , along with a new kitchen faucet that doesn't drip , new counters , oh and toilets ours super suck , new carpeting , lots of new trim work for up stairs and all new faucets and sinks in the bathrooms , this is me realizing the garbage some builders give you as standard finishes, shocking a $50 toilets breaks after only a couple of years and a $30.00 sink looks like a 10 yr old one only after 5 years , shame on some builders , I didn't buy a used car after all did I ?
Back to pretty doors , do you have a really nice door?

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