Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A kitchen to love

Gluckstein Design Toronto , this is the designers kitchen , on the stove hood that IS chalkboard paint.
I love the detail that was designed into this kitchen , and the cool greenish blue wall color , I think a mistake many make with wood is to go with russets and reds and deep burnt yellows for the paint colors making the mood so masculine I think the wood needs to be tempered and complimented with softness.
I will have to admit that I have found these two beautiful wood kitchens , the details are abundant and the style sublime , so I will admit these kitchens are beautiful.
That being said I could not live in these two kitchens , I think it is the masculinity , I really prefer a pretty and casual space , none the less these are very beautiful kitchen..
Now I could easily move right into the kitchen below and be happy as a clam because " this is a kitchen to love ", I am really going to experience having marble counters .
I think I am of the mind set that I would prefer to live in my smallish house and have all the bell's and whistles here than to have a big house with few bell's and whistles .

Ellie's BFF's kitchen is to die for , I love the creamy painted cabinets and large white sink surrounded by the most beautiful marble , I love marble , did you hear granite has a radon problem ?, yikes . I think that this kitchen has a perfect amount of wood , I like the dark stain on the island and the built in fridge. I want to draw your eye to the wall panelling around the eating area, this is a detail that could be used much more often , it just frames the area and the window adding such charm and appeal.


So pretty and fine , as well as hard working , you can tell this is a cook's kitchen .

Oh am crazy about this pantry door with the mesh , I am really loving that these days.

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