Sunday, July 19, 2009

Junking girls

After my little whine about not having anyone to go junking with , a dear girl I have met through blogging Sarah, you remember her kitchen don't you ?and her home here & here she offered to play girl friend for the day and meet me at a fabulous outdoor antique/junk market ABERFOYLE, so we both made the long trip and met each other there ready to shop , look , talk , and get to know each other a little better, how nice , what a sweet girl.

We spent several hours scouring the goods , some good , some not so good , some things down right scary , and some great deals on beautiful pieces . I got a round wicker table ,and an oar , Sarah got two side tables for her son's room one with a little chair and two oars , oars are so appealing right now. I am now kicking myself for not buying a beautiful green light , that always happens after the fact , who knows maybe I will go back soon and get a second chance.

I had a great time , and it was nice to get away on my own for the day kid- free, I do not do that enough . Found the mother load , this was the piece of the day , it was so wonderful , it would fit loads of magazines ,which would be a brilliant use for this piece , but I would not hesitate to paint it of course , neither would Sarah, but for $1400.00 it stayed put waiting for a buyer with deep pockets, I would love to know how much it was acquired for , wouldn't you ?That is not the kind of spending I do when junking.

My new old yellow painted oar ,don't you love it , I still don't know where to put it , master bathroom , maybe the bedroom , now does anyone know how best to get this onto the wall , oh wait I know those little triangle doodads that you can screw into the back , right?

Finally embracing the summer sun , I am so glad Sophie will spend some time with her old mom.

Since I didn't spend nearly as much as I was allowing myself , I decided to pop into Homesense and see if they had reduced these green lanterns , look they did , I was so thrilled , the day's finds were complete and highly successful too .
I suppose I have a bit of a quirky taste because I often find the things I love will eventually wait for me and as soon as they get a good mark down then they can be mine , I like having an out of the norm style its working for me.

What a beautiful wicker table , I have always wanted one like this , it has such a fine weave.

My new treasure has found the perfect spot on the porch.

I loved the finials on this bed, like a soft serve cone , no!

Loads of oars .

I was so sad to miss out on this extra wide door , with wheels and track , less than $75.00 , this would have been perfect for our basement , when we finish it , how did we miss it , it was so special .

This reminds me of a little life guard chair.Sorry it is sold , $1200- to a lucky owner , wouldn't you love to see where that will go .

I was drawn to this ice cream cone , but the tip was missing , then we noticed the hideous spoon granny spoon with yarn hair , yikes!

So I had a great time , what did you do this weekend? don't the weekends just fly by , especially when work comes bright and early Monday morning.
Thanks for stopping for a little read, I do appreciate you visiting me .

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