Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer silliness

Having the girls around the house all day can some days feel like a long long day , after my third week home with 4 kids for summer break the kids are finally getting into the summer swing of things and I am learning nothing much gets done anymore, I am after all the resident life guard now that the weather has been co-operating I am so happy for that .

Toes are so important to a girl , I neglect mine more than treat mine , but today the mood struck and Sophie and I got french manicure's by me , little feet are so cute . I also did her nails the same , she love saying she had a mani pedi, I have got to take them to a nail salon.
Mason's feet were painted by a nail artist recently so she was all set in the toe department so I gave her polka dot finger nails , with watermelon smelling nail polish.

I found a recipe for snow cone syrup on Skip to my Lou what a great site for tips and birthday ideas , you should really check it out too.
That green concoction is lime kool-aid , 2 cups of sugar and 1 cup of water , bring to a boil and let cool , that takes hours , warm syrup on ice is a no no , try re-telling that to impatient children while waiting , fun !
I have a little slushie machine that we chopped up the ice with for perfect snow cones , I would love to get my hands on a real ice shaver though , an electric one . Sugar sugar sugar

I got to peak at my handy work , normally it is hiding behind my settee and behind a three seater sofa , but since things are getting moved around here lately I am enjoying the view.

Is it just me , am I the only one who's children re-arrange the furniture into a movie theatre , this all involves movie listings , tickets , assigned seating , and usually popcorn , Mason is such a creative girl and Sophie gets right in there taking it very seriously.
Normally I really disapprove , I hate moving furniture on a daily basis , back to where it belongs, I mean I swear every time I walk into this room I need to move at least the coffee table and arm chair back to where they belong , but something has happened , someone is listening to me , for the furniture magically found it's way back into it's proper spots , was it the husband , no it was my children they put it all back without me even asking.

This is what I found today {seriously not set up }, my little swimmers waiting for their sunscreen to soak in {I make them wait at least 15 torturous minutes before going into the pool see} they were all lined up in order of size seeing how tall they were , silly kids.

Three day weekend ahead , I will try to cram in as much work and fun to it as possible.
I have cooked up a little idea maybe I will tackle it tomorrow , I feel like I haven't shown a good DIY in a while.

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