Wednesday, July 8, 2009

In the works

About 18 months ago I fell in love with some great wicker chairs from Pier one , I longed to have them as head of the table chairs , but at $159.00 or maybe even more I could not justify the $300~ purchase , but all good things come to those who wait right , because to my surprise I found a full set for sale on my fave re-sale site for a very fair price , I am in the works and trying to buy two of these chairs for $35~ each , what a steal , I will paint them as they are actually green , so cross your fingers for me , that it works out in my favour , because these would MAKE my dining room .
I love the clean look of this room , I am a real sucker for painted white floors , but it is those built in closets that I need , for my daughters room , this is what I am planning , before I even saw this photo , I was thinking flanking the room would be a better option that building one large closet , her room has only a armoire , and that was fine when she was 4 but things are a changin' in the pre-teen world.
Having an 11 year old myself seeing Michael Jackson's daughter speak in such pain and so fondly of her father truly broke my heart , no child should have to go through such pain .

Open shelving or glass front cabinet doors , I have always liked both , I am looking for a little change in my kitchen , I am thinking of cutting out a couple of doors and installing some glass , or maybe even plexi glass , I have seen this done . Now what is the right tool for cutting plexi glass???

May I just remind you that stripes are wonderful and so perfectly shown here in subtle tones , with the pop of green on this front hall cupboard what a great storage solution , I want to paint a piece this green shade what will it be?

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