Friday, July 24, 2009

Kitchen cabinet makeover DIY style


OMG I finally did it , I have thought for oh 7 years about doing this little DIY project.

I wanted real chicken or poultry wire but apparently our Canadian chickens are huge and we do not therefore carry 1/2 inch chicken wire , poor me. This square wire was a good option for another project that I completed last week , I built Mason a much needed ear ring holder from pine and wire , it probably could hold about 100 pairs of earrings , it is not so pretty , that's why I haven't shown it here .

Back to my door makeover ,

1.I took a spade bit and drilled in the corners of the recessed panel allowing for me to cut out with the jig saw the center panel of wood .

2. I then sanded with my mouse{black and decker palm sander} and smoothed the edges .

3. I needed to paint the raw yet smooth edge with a couple of coats of paint.

4. After I spray painted the wire white I cut out the wire to the correct size with tin snips and then stapled it onto the back of the cabinet door.

5. Voila I have a display cabinet , which I have now styled with some pretty glasses and my striped aqua mixing bowl.

Total cost $7.00 for a quarter of a roll of wire.

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